Thursday, May 8, 2014

Japan or why I want to be there at least once.

This article is probably irrelevant to gaming overall, so you may want to skip this. This is a rant article, about what Japan is to me, and how it affects my life and artistic output. 

Empire of the Sun (1987)
Somewhat, perhaps due to the fact that we got to see 80s shows where I live (Greece) when I was growing up (early 90s), I have a feeling I've conflicted and connected the whole era of synths and neon-lights and leather jackets to a nostalgic veil. The music I hear, the clothes I love to wear, the small things and yet the bigger things, feed from those emotions. 

Endlessly pointing towards eastern culture as they seem to get a commendable impression of that era, I've been starstruck with visiting the Empire of the Sun, perhaps being  a bit nudged by the movie as well. Though the movie itself doesn't sport anything in particular to make you feel the lust, perhaps I felt related to the main character in different ways, inexplicable ones. I used to love airplanes a whole lot back then. It was nice to feel that simple and be so sure of it. 

Arguably, I'm a bit confused trying to pick my own brain. This probably makes a little to no sense by now. Trying to grasp control, Japan is the 80s for me. The majestic buildings, the rotten atmosphere of decay and smug, the neon signs, the technological obsession, the late wee hours. Hard to understand, hard to explain. It's like constantly being in the edge of your youth, closer to a new fresh start, yet having lived a whole lot needing to settle down. It could be like viewing a great movie for the first time, feeling the fuzz, or listening to a miraculous song under a new spectrum of perspective. 
Neo-tokyo, umbrellas, simply can't go wrong.
 Recognizing the song in the air, when nobody does, wondering who else knows it and embraces it as much as you, yeah, that's Japan for me, perhaps the same for Stu. This was not a Haiku.

P.S: Stuart, them photos you promised!

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