Monday, May 19, 2014

Adventure Games Museum: Exhibit #3

Front and back of the box:

What's inside - lots of goodies! Four 3,5" disks, manual, Misty Acres Plantation map, magnifying glass, Laura Bow's notebook & pencil, Sierra catalogs and a registration card

Beautiful little notebook where you can write down your clues
Attention to details is staggering!

Big folded plantation map so you don't get lost.

Manual is not just a dull piece of how-to-play document. It contains many interesting informations, like a short biography of each of plantation guests. There's also ACT 1 in the form of a play.

Back of the map is covered with the red pattern hiding a set of fingerprints. Each time you start your game you have to take Laura's magnifying glass and identify a fingerprint shown on the screen.
Sierra catalogs are really fun to read all those years later. You can learn that a new Sierra blockbuster game King's Quest 5 is in the production (coming Fall 1990!), or you check out wide rooster of their games. :D

By Gribbler

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