Tuesday, December 2, 2008

View To Kill

-Competitions On The McFly:
Well, definetely a lot of movement here.
  • Pilf has announced the winners of the Sprite Jam -Seasons. Pslim made it happen. Ghost was a runner up, and Ben304 just made it.
That's the award!
That's the Entry!
  • Blue's Coloring Ball, definetely caught fire, with Geratuatuza posting a worm's based entry. Definetely one of the best I've seen.
What are you playing, and what you should play:
Well, it seems that some coolish games are out.

Besieged or how to get out of a castle..
Baron and Yarooze have it made it and Funkmast wrote a music for that. And even before Christmas. If you enjoy medieval sort of games, like Damsel, you'll definetely get a crash with this one. A shovel was never this fun. Give it a try, will you!

Vic Wreckles's Halloween Costume
That might save your life, as how many time's have you found yourself without a costume on Halloween?

Time to learn what you should have done!!

The only one stopping you is yourself.

Barn Runner 5: Forever Friday..part 2.

I've finished this yesterday. I must say that as the Barn Runner games get more, I get merrier. I'm having trouble saying something that's not my opinion on this game, so mind that. Well, the puzzles seem to be more logical than part 1, as playing you'll get the feeling that puzzles are made in section logic, which is great, you finish the game sort of faster than part 1, but it feels more and more of an interactive movie. There's a long cutscene at the end, which looks cool. Mostly, the game has good animations, but I've to agree that Harry needs a proper walkcycle, or at least one that looks better. As for the story, well chaos has erupted, but you're there to save the day. The game has two playable characters, Harry and Prick. Weird is that when you get the one, most puzzles are based on the other.


  1. Regarding Harry's walk cycle, I was trying for something that stood out in sharp contrast to Prick's shuffling, slouchy walk. That's why Harry walks so stiffly, like he's got a metal rod up his ass. I wanted him to look rigid and uptight, but I guess it didn't achieve what I wanted it too. Oh, well.

    Thanks for the nice review.

    - Ponch

  2. I think if you could put in a frame or too it would make the walkcycle more smooth and all. It's just a paradox, that you have a great scene with all the cool animations, and Harry's walkcycle doesn't seem to match that quality. I usually play the games, with director's cut and arcade on. Seems more fun this way. Anyway, looking terribly forward to part 3.

  3. I'll see what I can do. Prick and Harry have a complete costume change starting with part 3 that lasts for the rest of the run of The Forever Friday. Maybe I can slip a frame or two in there and still keep that uptight walk.


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