Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prizes can make you less miserable, crook!

-Are you less miserable?

It appears that Chris Tolworthy is on the final 10 days, separating him from releasing Les Miserables. It appears that yesterday, he fixed a lot of stuff on the game. If you haven't figure this out, this game is taking you inside the book. Yeah, the famous book. It appears that Tolworthy is planning on making us play every book we loved. Next is Dante's Divine Comedy.

-The Knobbly Crook is back in black:

While AC-DC have nothing to do with the game, the bloodiest and most disgusting ags game seems to be resurrected today. There's even a demo game with one room, but it still looks good, and well, I think we might play this one day.You play as a simple paper farmer who realizes he has a power. Something that has to do with the rock, paper, scissors theme , has a big part in the Knobbly Crook.

-Competitions on the fly:

Musical Feud(Phema):
As nobody would expect it, not that dkh doesn't really deserve it, DKH has won the first prize. Runner up was Thomas Regin , considered as a winner by me, sorry for that, and third place was taken by Funkmast(the man who composed for Besieged).

Sprite Jam Gender Bender(Pslim):

Well, if you want a booby prize like this,
you better hurry. Can you draw a sprite so manly that it looks like a woman?

Fortnightly Writing Competition(rock chick):

"Okay the theme is Vivid memory or memories, basically the restriction is the memory or memories need to be real in the story." appears to be the theme as rock chick said, well, go take your pen and write something,sonny.

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