Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's nearly Xmas(Mods brought them)

With what I just saw, only Mods is missing to make Christmas come.
Mods actually brought Christmas..and made his first completed game. Wooh. Not the one I was expecting,but well I made some no music for it so go and listen to it. The game is a first person shooter about Santa..

-Games to play:
Eye of Geltz:
Le Woltaire has just released this. A sort of an investigative game..and a mystery covered one. Well, to add more try and get yourself over 12 years old, because the game isn' the one for minorines. A planet has two sides. One dark and one light thus two civilizations, who are not familiar with each other apart from legends. So 'nough said go check it here.

Road Racer:
Ryan has finally released his driver top-down racing game apparatus. And well despite it's small, it's too small to be true, hopefully a release with more levels will make its appearance in the next months. So to quote: Are you man enough to beat this game? Ryan is.

Merry Christmas Alfred Robbins:

Well, HillBilly tried to keep it a secret. But failed miserably.
Go check this.

-Games to wait for next year:
Cadaver Heart:
Kromagnon, a newbie has promised a release of a DOTT graphic style adventure game. Yay.

-Competitions on the paper:
Almost Christmas for Mags, well 40 hours deadline has been given till we get some fun on the 25th. Another extension, for the colouring ball by Twirlly as well. Trihan has won the writting competition by the way. Who he beat is not important.

-Things to check out:
Irrelevant yes,but whatever check the SLOGANIZER.


  1. wtf are you on about dualnames? :p none of the first three sentances make any sense...but i still applaud you for the "me" post :D Mods

  2. Oh, wow just noticed that comment. Well, Mods, as I first posted this, I knew you were about to release something this Xmas (from your blog), so I said that only Mods will bring Christmas faster (if he releases anything), so after I post, Ryan releases his game and I track down Alfred Robbins at GameJolt. So I say about it at the Stickam then a guy says, well, only Mods will bring Xmas faster now. And then boom. You post the game.


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