Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost X-mas!!

-Things to Check Out:
Christmas Quest Trilogy are featured in Adventure Gamers. I hope you've played them already. If not, go ahead.

-Competitions on the fly:
Backgroundblitz 19 December - 4 January (Zyndicate):
Can you draw opposites? An interesting idea indeed. Hope we get some people on it fast.

Photoshop Phursday 19-26 December(rock_chick):
After winning now it's all about making your favorite celebraties make a commercial advertisment...go pick one.

Tune food contest which ends on christmas eve(Inkoddi):
Make a tune about a food?! Well, weird as hell, but well, you have to make a tune that will make Inkoddi attack the fridge.

Sprite Jam(Misj):

Well, that's definetely a cool idea Misj has come up with. Create A-Team. A team of Fantasy Warriors. Go make some will ya? The world needs saving!!

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