Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing new,we're 'bout to chew.

-Games to See?!

Murphy's Salvage:
I haven't checked this out ye, but Mods wrote some tracks, the idea sounds cool,..

-Competitions on the fly:

Photoshop Cross Dressers (11-18 Domino):
Domino rue the day almost, by deciding for a few minutes that now that he has won Progzmax comp, the competition has really fallen in decline. At least he is honest..

Animation See Santa?!(9-23 Twirlly):
Can you make Santa do stuff? Not kinky stuff..

Geraduatuza's Background Blitz - Nov.25 - Dec.07 - Trapped -
Zyndicate's as usual blow-mind entry was won, but abstaubers and Babar's inspired could have done it as well..

Pslim Gender Bender Sprite Jam just got Misjed.
Apparently Misj boy got a duke sprite and a second place and somebody got third place..oh yeah Hoffmeier. With a trilby sprite.

-Things to Check Out:
Well, Greece is burning as we speak, but well it appears that the critics lounge has been overrun by one man..anyway..check this coolish song by Moody Blues. And this blog, might seem of interest to you...if you need a blast from the past..

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