Friday, January 24, 2014

Direct Your Own Game

I'm going to pitch you a wonderful idea about a very interesting competition. You may love this, and you may not. But arguably it will appear to be rather appealing, enticing if you will.

As members of an indie game community, we can all agree that videogames in general, can exist as a genre of art. In the same way as movie directors, certain videogame creators, have a distinctive style that defines them. I could spot a Tim Schafer game from a mile, and the critically-acclaimed game designer, has swapped   lots of genres over the past few years.

For example, take two different takes on the same universe/tale.
Christofer Nolan's Take

Tim Burton's Take

So, what I'm suggesting is a competition if you will, where a story/universe/setting is present, perhaps somewhat vague, and practically we see how each author envisions the end product. Would you find this interesting?


  1. An interesting idea. But how does this differ from RON or OSD?

  2. it's not about the same universe, it's about the same plot as anyone would see it differently.

  3. That'd be awesome to see in practice. Games are interactive storytelling I feel the gameplay becomes an important part of that narration, see fan reaction to excom turning into a shooter. It suddenly "wasn't" excom. That's probably because there is a level of narration within genre and what the player is and how they're able to do what the game allows. It be really cool to see how much deviation you'd end up seeing in game-styles from designer to designer. Like how/if retellings of a popular shooter series would incorporate shooting mechanics could make really interesting discussion. Imagine something like fallout was turned into a classic text rpg game. Conversation, relations, vat's combat, and item puzzles would be virtually unchanged, but the feel would be completely different simply because of the layout.


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