Monday, January 13, 2014

Anastronaut II is out, and damn it looks amazing

I frankly was not thinking my day would start with writing an article for the AGS blog, let alone for Anastronaut II. But the trailer got me so impressed I'm buying this as I type out the words completing sentences in this article.

From the trailer, it appears LOTS of wonderful effort has been put to this. The artwork and animation is simply stunning, and there are lots of cinematic sequences. A plethora of elements is showcased at the trailer, somewhat giving the impression that Anastronaut 2, is a really lengthy game.

The game is fully speeched, it has a soundtrack that uses some classical songs here and there, and it's remniscent of the older sierra games.

If you're equally interested, proceed here.

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  1. 1:37 I just Space Odyssey 2001-ed all over the place. Really though, some of those animations and backgrounds just blew me away.


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