Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A call to all AGS Plugin Developers

If you haven't seen the new sticky or received the e-mail today, then look below:

As many of you should know, we have a number of AGS ports now that let run AGS games on other platforms (linux, etc). Plugins remain a problem, because they were written as Windows dynamic libraries. JJS already rewrote couple of plugins, and Calin disclosed his AGSBlend and SpriteFont plugins, so that their code could be used to compile plugins for other systems too.

Are there anyone else who would like to disclose his/her plugin source to let the games, which used them, become fully portable? Perhaps someone may contact plugin authors that did not visit forums for a while?
Could there be a reason to not to disclose plugin source?

Additionally, I want to mention, that maybe it could be a good idea to state a rule, that AGS plugin should be made open source from the start (NOTE: "open-source" does not mean "free to use")? Aside from portability, this would also ensure that no one will put something unexpected, like malicious code in there.

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  1. I think stating that if you want to release your plugin for public use, it is an obligation to do so, by open-sourcing it.


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