Friday, September 18, 2009

Polls aint what they used to be

So, you're answers to the poll seem to conclude that 2009 isn't as good a year for adventure games as 2008 was. I'm intrigued as to why this might be. Please add your comments with any examples to this post, if you feel like discussing it!


  1. There were no really good full length efforts this year. Mainly shorties...

  2. Hi, I'd like to know why the AGS forum is currently down. Thanks.

  3. I think more freeware full length efforts might come by the end of the year hoping to grab some awards.

    But overall we've seen the releases of Covergence, Time Gentlemen Please, Downfall and the second Enter the Story episode. Surely, that's quite a lot.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Perhaps the fo rums are down because no-one had yet nominated me in the FOREGOs for anything. :)

  5. Sure the year is still young enough to bring some surprises. But the most interesting indie developers have not released anything good this year: Grundislav's Ben Jordan, Ivy's Puzzlebots, Woltaire's Second Face, Yahtzee hasn't released for years... Also more and more games are going commercial and this was not the case last year where the best titles were freeware. All the titles that hardydev mentioned are commercial. And even Puzzlebots is going to add on this list. It's a dark year covered by this financial crisis stuff and more and more talented indie developers who usually didn't care about money seem to suffer and to be forced to make a step into the market. A questionable developement...


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