Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well, what?

Gemini Rue is the 2nd AGS game, to have been placed on the Steam market, so WOOHOO, for that. Congratulations to JBurger, he must be really proud, and the Wadjet Eye Games, that probably helped a lot to place it there. More later on.

That would be the initial post. But well, no luck. You can read some of what really happened here.
Several places in the internet have condemned Valve for taking such action, I hope that means that eventually the game will be on Steam.

This would also be the initial post of the initial post. I am losing grasp of things. But I have a feeling Gemini Rue will get released on STEAM. Okay, that's all. Keep an eye.


  1. Um, Duals. That post made in June. Things have changed since then. :)

  2. So is it time to start panicking or not? I NEED TO KNOW! I have my torches and pitchforks ready!

  3. And it is released (

  4. Isn't it the third? After Ben There Dan That and Time Gentleman, Please ..? Or do they only count as one!


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