Monday, September 21, 2009

Darn, dash and tarnation! They're down again?!

The forums seem to be down since Saturday..unless its really me. Which I doubt anyway. Ah, well, time to go fishing! If they come up, wake me. This times it seems really serious though. It's not the usual just-a-day-long maintenance thing. So guys if you hear me...



  1. No, the forums being down is giving me a huge spike on traffic to the blog. Leave them down! ;)

  2. The forums have been down for me since Friday Night. I am starting to feel some withdrawal symptoms.

    Shawn (Domino)

  3. This blog utilizes a new formula that steadily releases tiny amounts of AGS into your bloodstream. But the craving remains!

  4. The AGS Blog: the nicorette of adventure game creation :D

  5. Has anyone yet opened an emergency board until the real stuff is up again?

    oh sweet addiction of mine ;)


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