Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Short on Wadjet Eye

No, not a stock market tip but a pointer to a review of ECC (yes, I know I said I'd stop posting articles just about those) by Emily Short, the doyenne of interactive fiction. She's got some criticism about certain aspects of the game, especially the later stages, but its overall positive.


  1. The doyenne of interactive fiction? She may be that community's most notable woman, perhaps it's most dynamic, unceasingly passionate and perpetually outspoken champion and PR clerk, but the word "doyenne" implies seniority of age, does it not?

    She's like... I don't know. She's not that old.

  2. Doyenne comes from the same root as a "Dean" (e.g. of a faculty) and one of its meanings implies eldest, but not all: I meant it as a leading light or respected member. I have no idea how old Emily is and had no intention to make any comment on her age!


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