Saturday, March 28, 2009

Games to wait for Eagerly!!

Well, it appears that AGS games WIP persons, have decided to post about it. So what games should we await for the days to come?

-A land of Magic I:
A short of quest for baldur's gate type of game, a type of adventure and rpg mix, containing as much realism as it's author Shockbolt can handle, or wishes to. Day/night circle, different seasons, it really got me into thoughts..

-This city at night:
Ben304 and Paolo, a team known for the winning entry of MAGS, Trance Pacific, had , have, or, will team up for another game, whose story will be probably as disturbing as the pacific's was. Most of all, I'm confused about how the credits will be with all those weird changes..they're like General Motors, a new chief every week.

-Jimmy the troublemaker:
Or how Dorothy would be if she was Obama..Mouth for war, has finally kept his promise and stopped posting about this only on the critics lounge. In fact he never made that promise, but hell, I was waiting for him to do so, the game has a really good animation from what I've shown and Mouth is trying to give the best quality he can.

-Get your mop, Vaderhaul strikes back!!!:
About time a fan game decided to go after the last Sierra game and expand one of the best game adventure series of all time. It appears that Roger Wilco, must get his trusty mop and clean the mess. The best part about this is that the graphics, appear not to be ripped. Yay for that.

-The Rogue Prince:
Now that's a really good looking game there. It might actually be decided to end up commercial in the end, but the quality of everything seems to be really cool. And outstanding. And yes, I really want to see this finished. The setting is similar to the games that use Rpg maker as an engine, yep the typical overheard view and the medieval fantasy setting, but its the feeling I get from the shots that make me shiver.
I believe we've mentioned that around here, however, I've never mentioned my thoughts on this commercial project by Vince Twelve. Well, first the team members gathered to complete this game, are really outstanding, Vince, ProgZmax, Nikolas,'s surprising he can afford to get those people. When Vince released the first trailer from in-game footage, I found the interface not really flexible and kind of a puzzle itself, but with the new video he posted just a couple of days ago, I'd be lying not to say that this really looks amazing. The quality given to the project is superb and well, just watch the bloody video.


  1. Fantastic round up! And such mouthwatering games too...

  2. It seems the round isn't even over..can't just rest for a while..can I?

  3. No screenshot for This City at Night? I'm feeling left out...


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