Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I just heard from Amber Loe, the author of the Adventuress site. If, like me, you subscribed to her blog you'll have noticed how it had suddenly become all about Sonic the hedgehog recently and that the webpage redirected to a different one. Unfortunately, this situation seems to be permanent as her employers for this blog have been downsizing. This is actually a big loss to the adventure community as Amber kept great tabs on the latest adventure-related news. And more importantly, sometimes she linked to my blog!

All the best Amber: I hope your blogging resurfaces somewhere!


  1. A crying shame... Oh, and congrats on your journalistic efforts oh SSH!

  2. Thanks SSH for letting people know! It was fun to be the Adventuress while it lasted! I'm sure I'll come back... some where...

  3. Do come back dear. We'll have lots of tea ready, you know...


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