Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remake my game, AGD.

AGD Interactive has released King's Quest I remake, apparently of the classic Sierra game, doing again an awesome job on every part. If you see the comparisons in the graphic part of the game, it's really outstanding..hope they remake more of those classic adventures most of us loved back then... So grab your crown, King Graham wannabe and go here to get your free copy of the game.

-WOW behold Zork will pawn you, noob!:
Remember the text adventure Zork? Yes, the infocom one. No?! Well, nevermind me. A groip of certain individuals are making what appears to be unexpected. A version of the Zork as a browser based MMOwhatevery.. I'm not lying..check this out.


  1. King's Quest I. Remade! Yes, yes, and thrice yes! Time to finish it in its third iteration! Hoorah! Thanks for the news my friend!

  2. No trouble..and just in case, you were wondering what are they on to..Follow that linky.


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