Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Most nominations ever

I'm a bit of a stathead, so here's some more stats on the AGS Awards (see also the Wiki page)

Both Ivy and Le Woltaire broke the previous record for the most nominations. Ivy got 15 with Nanobots and Little Girl and Le Woltaire went one better with 15 for A Second Face and one for the Dust to Water demo.

If you add up all-time nominations, this is the Top 10:

Yahtzee 53
Grundislav 36
Dave Gilbert 35
Herculean Effort 32
AGDi 26
Le Woltaire 24
Ivy 22
Chrille 18
Crystal Shard 17
ProgZMax 17

So Grundislav has leapfrogged Dave and Herculean Effort up to 2nd this year while Ivy, Le Woltaire and Progz have entered the top 10.


  1. I counted 16 awards for Woltaire. The Dust to Water Demo was his release aswell.

  2. Well, good for them and well deserved if I may say so. Which I do.


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