Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dualpost #1

-Games to wait for:

Lately the community can't cease to amaze me. Zabnat (also known from Odot Tamat) has written, scripted and designed a grand theft auto engine. And it looks and plays smooth and lovely. He's even handing the source code for free.

Woltaire can't stop once he's getting started and is already working on the sequel to second face the eye of Geltz. There's more nudity and sex on this one, that's what I hope.

Well, limping fish has surely overcome all obstacles in making something look totally professional. A horror sort of game this one, and I need some spooks. Hope the estimated date of release won;t scare me.

-Competitions on the fly:
One entry so far, according to which an AGS member won't have a good year.

Raddicks after winning zyndicate's previous blitz,is hosting this blitz. See some Star Trek and make a sci-fi based bg.

Twirlly has awarded among the rest prizes, the first prize to Indieboy. Another stickamite bites the dust.

After bicilotti has won, he has set a new level in games adding drugs. Try no to get an overdose.

Well one entry with Santa, so one gold prize. Lyaer.
Space Pirate Caine has requested only inhabitats of monkey island. Ahoy there.

-Thing to check out:
Ivy is going to write on Bytejacker..woohh..Bored to check more stuff, it's my birthday today anyway, so I hope SSH won't mind me taking the rest day off.

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