Sunday, January 25, 2009

H.A.M: Hats, Androids, Mika

It appears that February is coming hot for AGS..well, at least I hope it will.

MashPotato has just told us about her new project, she's working on. And she's giving out her development blog to free eyes .. The artwork is low-resolution but of very high quality..and well the game looks really really cute. It's about slimes and books. And castles. It seems like a really cheerful adventure, we'll have our hands on, when it's done, that it managed to put a smile on my face.

Well, yes, indeed. One of the biggest AGS projects (time as size) ever, and the biggest RON game ever to come out, this is probably the best way to revive the RON series. And that is be releasing a game that contains all the elements of RON games we loved. It's weird that this one started as one of the first RON games, and now it ended up as the last one. Nine years in production, but Mika is the playable character on this one, and she's on her way to solve mysterious disappearances that are occuring at the neighbourhood.

Ben304, has finished another short little cute game. This one is as good looking (and even better) than his previous one, and this one has a weird but yet attractive story to tie in his sprite magic. Annie Android, a female robot, really wants to bang the rocks with Mailbot but she has another partner.

-Things to check out:
Yahtzee is going to run a Gameshow..with two co-hosts. A gameshow you'll see him talk, instead or hear him. Hope he puts a full stop every couple of paragraphs. Go here to see more info or Alt+X. The show is called Game Damage unless I got brain damage.


  1. You make my game sound so DIRTY!

    I am pleased about this!

  2. Your game is DIRTY... not my problem people receive it as "CUTE". :D, just kidding.


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