Monday, July 7, 2008

Would July to me, baby?

Here's some games that have come out recently:

Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday

Detective Pr**k Peckard once again runs through some barns or something. Just before the weekend, too.

Flux World

You too can play a game based of the stuff in the middle of solder. You are alone in your home when, suddenly, you are taken away to a strange place where you are constantly attacked by beasts. However, physics also seems to be conspiring against you. See if you can find your way home.

Dread MacFarlane 2

The further adventures of our eponymous heroine, although much shorter than the first game, unfortunately.

Plumber Boy

Nope, not Mario, but a retro-style black-and-white platformer nonetheless.

Craft of Evil

Buckethead's release is this prerendered-3D horror game. Unreal graphics (pun intended!) but seems to have been generally well received and now most bugs seem to be ironed out.

Living Nightmare: Midnight

Simplistic graphics adorn this ghostly thriller based on the movie 1408.

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  1. For the record, The Forever Friday 1 is the first Barn Runner game to actually have a barn (which now validates the entire series!).

    Thanks for the mention. :)

    - Ponch


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