Wednesday, July 16, 2008

User rankings

Just in case anyone is interested (and I know bicilotti is!) I've updated my games rating trawl for July 2008 and added in a column for the cup rating which leads to some interesting things:
  • The 5-cup games have user ratings of 86-93%
  • The 4-cup games have user ratings of 67-93% (Lowest: Dance Til You Drop)
  • The 3-cup games have user ratings of 27-91% (Lowest: Marty Chonks In Dances With Camels, Alien Threat, Ace Quest)
  • The 2-cup games have user ratings of 29-88% (Highest ranking: Quest for Glory 4 1/2 , Principles of Evil I, Casablanca,The Day After, Trevor Daison in outer space - Chapter one, Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 9 - radioactive, Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 15: Place Machine, Bernard's Room. Lowest: Adventures of PQT, Don the Dweeb, Henk Stroem in Lost In Cellar)
  • The 1-cup games have user ratings of 1-89% (Highest ranking ones are Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 2 - Commotion, Rude Awakening!, Unfinished, Battle Warriors : Rovendale Tactics, La Gran Castanya and Rapstar 1.5. Lowest ranking: Proof of Fiction, Scnidersom and Murder)

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