Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Necromancy, Narcissism and something else beginning with N

Alliteration is harder than it looks, sometimes. Anyway, here's my usual all-too-brief look four games to recently emerge into AGS-land.

NecroQuest 1: The Inheritance

Well, we all want to follow in our forefather's footsteps and take over the family business, even it it means bringing people back from the dead. Now you can!

Ben There, Dan That

Zombies, Lucasarts references, Lava, Lamps, Cows, The 51st State, Alien Conspiracies and more await you in this pretty funny game. Well worth a play. Go, download it now!

Barn Dilemma

What's with the glut of Barn-titled games? Anyway, this one is set in a barn and you have to escape.

Revenge In Parelly Point

A Police-Questy driving sim and retro feel adorn this 6-year-old project from Hud.

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