Friday, July 4, 2008


Time for a root around Google Analytics again.

Just one visitor....

A big thank you to the lone person from each of Brunei, Philippines, Uruguay, Morocco, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Iceland, Colombia, Serbia, Ukraine, Thailand, UAE, Reunion, Vietnam, China, Namibia, Grenada, Belarus, Panama, Iran, Bosnia and Benin who visited this blog.

Also, thanks to the one or two people in each of Hialeah (Florida), Perth (Australia) and Bunbury (Australia) and Geldrop (Netherlands) who have visited my blog loads of times.

Mayday, Mayday!

The 19th of May saw 60 different people read the blog, a peak that has not yet been surpassed. Leon posted his first review 18th May, so that's probably why.

One and a half each

Visitors to this site average 1.55 pages and 1 minute 25 seconds per visit. Come on folks, explore those archives...! Only 5 people have ever looked at more than 20 different pages on the blog. You must work harder, people.

Loyalty card

48 people have visited this site over 200 times each and another 360 over 100 times each. However, 1573 people visited only once. Don't let that be you!

Long time no see

5 people haven't visited this site for over 2 months and another 12 haven't been here for a month. If you're returning after a hiatus in reading this blog, then don't do it again. Or train your dog to read the blog for you if you're away.

Foxy browsers

70% of you visit the site with Firefox, and another 10% with Opera. IE takes most of the rest, although 35 page visits have been from Safari, Mozilla or Camino. A whopping 94% of you use Windows, though, with Linux and Mac way behind, although 3 page views were from iPods!

Lo-res rules

Kudos to the person who viewed this site from a 170x208 screen, presumably on a mobile phone. There's an odd few 640x400 and 640x480 views, 320x396 (iPhone?), and even 51 800x600 views, but top of the resolution heap is the 1353 views from 1024x768.

To whom do you refer?

Most visits are direct, but most referrals are from the AGS forums unsurprisingly. Google is next, then my own No surprises there. Following on is the lovely gnome who has sent me 104 visits, blogger, wikipedia, auriond and then adventuregamers.

But what did they all read?

Unsurprisingly, the root page is the most popular, but of individual articles, the top 10 series one comes in at 126 visits, followed by various roundups of releases and upcoming games.


  1. Lovely? Me? Awww... thank you so very much... And wait till after a few months.. I'll be back in blogging proper!

  2. I feel like I'm being watched O_O

  3. My favourite feature of Google Analytics is when it lets me read your email... ;)


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