Thursday, July 24, 2008

New walkcycle generator beta

I've been working on updating my walkcycle generator and AGS 3.10's new resolution handling has let me do stuff I've been wanting to do for a while. So here's a beta version of the walkcycle generator, please feel free to comment, find bugs, etc.


  1. 1. How do you use the spline thing?

    2. Not sure how to use the drawing tools. How does cut work and the selection tool? Any chance of getting an erase tool?

    I would love to use this to generate characters, since I really really suck at walkcycles. Maybe beef up the help section a little more? Or put something in the blog?

    Just curious -- Which option in 3.1 are you using: keep old resolutions (the real height, width divided by 2 coordinates) or the actual hires points? For example, is the length of a bone really 10 pixels here?

    Else, this is a wonderful tool.

  2. Thanks for the comments cynthia. To drag splines or bones you need to go to File->Edit Bones first

    Its possible the cut/selection needs some work too, they did break and I may not have fixed them properly.

    Yes, I plan to actually put some Help in there!

    I am using the high-res co-ordinates of 3.1. I tried using divide by 2 but it really didn't work well, which is why this version has been sitting unfinished until now. So 10 pixels is 10 pixels. When imported into a low-res game, it should still work.

  3. I am a newbie to all this, so bear over me...

    The Walkcycle generator is a great tool, and the possibility to manipulate the animation in the new beta version is really good. There is a problem with drawing part in the beta version though.

    I'm on windows XP prof. I extract the zip file in an empty directory, and start up. Then I click on "arm", and get a picture of a red arm in the bitmap editor. Next, I try choose "color picker". The tool marker moves to "color picker". Then I click on the red arm. The tool marker moves from "color picker" to "paintbrush", and it paints a green pixel. Next, I attempt to pick color of the grey background. Then, the program exits, with the error message:

    "In "Paint.asc", line 141
    from "Paint.asc", line 441
    from "Paint.asc", line 501
    from "Paint.asc", line 570

    Error: GetColorFromRGB: color value must be 0-255

    I wouldn't bring this up, if it wasn't beacuse I think that the beta version of Walkcycle is a truely useful program.


  4. Hello, this is a fantastic program. I realize you haven't updated it or probably even thought about it in a few years. However I just wanted to ask about a problem I'm having. When I "save walkcycle" all I get is a series of Gray bitmaps. Any idea what I should do?


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