Thursday, April 3, 2008

Unsung Heroes

In the AGS Awards there's the lifetime achievement award which has been won by some great people over the years. However, there are many other unsung heroes on the forums, so I thought I'd pause an give them a little respect:

Rui Pires
In his time, Rui has run the skimbleshanks AGS resource page, administered a mirror of almost all AGS games, Helped out various people with modules and technical help and also contributed enormously across all parts of the AGS forums (he's the 7th most prolific poster ever, despite having disappeared off for a year or so). He signed up for the forums the day before me, too!

He made a great font editor used by many, has stretched AGS to the limits of what it can do, masterminded the colossal Tale of Two Kingdoms and brought the world Cuppit. He's also brought some very sound suggestions into the melting pot that CJ has used to improve AGS to its current fabbiness.

Monkey has put together some great modules, is often foudn helping people in the Tech forums and also has made great suggestions which have improved AGS when CJ implemented them.

Renaissance Man Progz keeps the Critics Lounge in line, draws fab artwork for The Shivah, Resonance, Blackwell Convergence and a series of his own games and also made the award-winning Mind's Eye which is another push-AGS-to-the-limit game with some great programming.

Along with his sidekick, hajo, AGA helps keep the AGS server running,. He is a global moderator, runs the annual Brittens meet at his house and has contributed to AGS since before some forum members were a twinkle in Roger's eye.

Never quite having got a game out yet, but GG has been developing for a long time with AGS and so has made many helpful suggestions and bug reports in the Tech forum. He also helps out n00bs there and is the voice of reason in many a heated debate.

Rosie and Jane
Rosie and Jane are the most prolific of the forumites who generally keep themselves to the Hints and Tips forum. There these two ladies help out others who are stuck, are the first to try out many AGS games and so become unofficial beta testers and probably know more about more AGS games than anyone else.

So, AGS heroes, I salute you. And anyone else who greatly contributes, I salute you too. If you want your name to be mentioned, send $20 by Paypal to this address...


  1. I did not pay for this endorsement because American money is worthless. I luv u.


  2. Unsung?! Please... I sang about ProgZ just last week. And the week before, too! I demand he be removed from this list!


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