Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best forums evah!

Following on from this discussion on how silly gameboomer's moderators are, and from Mr Tolworthy's reaction to being chastised for wanting a reply too soon, I though I'd wax lyrical on how awesome the AGS forums are.

Sometimes, AGS moderators over-react, or are a bit humourless, or just seem a bit pompous. Hey, they are normal people: only deity (i.e. CJ) is always perfect. But consider that the AGS forums have almost never banned anyone. By comparison, Nikolas was banned from gameboomers for going slightly off-topic (and arguably not even that) in a thread on a game that he worked on. The only other forums I've seen with anything approaching the quality of AGS's is the AdventureGamers ones, and these are much more for gamers than developers, so often miss out on technical details.

Our support in the technical forums is unrivalled. So many helpful people pitch in and help n00bs in the beginners tech forums. There's a great principle there: even if someone should have RTFM, by all means tell them so, but also answer their question as you do so. It's usually adhered to. I've asked not-that-stupid questions in other technical forums and the usual response is empty silence or being shot down for not knowing the specific jargon term those people use for some concept that if you'd know it would have found you the answer in google in 2 seconds.

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