Friday, April 4, 2008

Games are out

A couple of games I mentioned earlier as being in production have hit the virtual shelves. Looks like both needed a few problems ironing out after their initial release, but updated versions are now available.

NES Quest
Go out and fix your NES Console in this game. It's already been a freeware game pick on so have a shufti!

The Dwarven Dagger of Blitz
This hadn't really been tested on release at all, but now v1.3 is available on the forums and shortly we should expect a final release and entry in to the games database.

Thanks to Leon (Mr Walkthrough!) for being one of the first people to play through these releases and find the problems so that us who come along later have a better gaming experience!

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  1. Absolutely loved NES quest. Now to try the Dwarven Dwarf of Doom or something like that.


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