Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diamonds look pretty rough

Over at AdventureGamers (that's the adventure website that doesn't give everyone an 'A'), AGA reviews commercial AGS game Diamonds in the Rough and it seems to be a bit of a curate's egg. I had already noticed that its screenshots looked like the characters didn't quite fit into their backgrounds and that seems to be the case all the way through. Its funny how a high resolution game like this is actually visually inferior to something like Dave Gilbert's games that are only 320x200 resolution. It's the quality, not the quantity of pixels that is important.

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  1. Interesting review, and nice to see honest criticism about the game. I ordered the game yesterday, based on the strength of the other (4) reviews that I have read, but I was skeptical about the graphical quality even when I saw the first screenshot when the game was initially announced.

    Personally, I've ordered the game for the story alone, though am sure I will enjoy playing it's puzzles. Good on Alkis for taking the plunge, and yes, 3d and High res is not always the best solution :).


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