Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting news today

Over at AGS, CJ has announced a new partnership with some major companies. Get over there and read all about it. Check out the main AGS page, too.

Also, Dave Gilbert has a new game out. Make sure you check it out, too.


  1. Part of me wishes that Dave would actually make Shiver...

    Nice to see a few people still falling for CJ's one this year :).

  2. Actually, I think "Shiver" would make a nice RON game. A penguin sidekick and a inventory full of twenty different kinds of snow? Screen after screen of white backgrounds? Icicle fighting? There's actually a kernel of a (short) game idea there.

    Also, the fact the CJ used the M$ site design actually caused me to do a double take when I logged in. Best joke since AGS was set to become shareware. I'm sorta surprised how many people were actually upset / angry about the joke this year!


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