Saturday, May 5, 2012

Resonance Preview: Mind=Blown

Alright, I'm going to start right ahead on the important statements that need to be said. As a person I get overexcited over anything. That usually raises my expectations exponentially. Usually they are never met. Resonance is the exception to that rule. A game fueled till about a year with the sheer determination of its members, is now under the hands of Dave Gilbert.

I've personally played the demo handed to me via e-mail, so you're in luck. I can't tell if the game is fantastic or great or awesome, even though I probably should. But it has all the potentials to surpass the huge legacy Gemini Rue created, and put AGS and of course its team, in the mouths of simply everyone.

Graphically wise the game looks astonishing. The animation is very fluent and the character sprites are drawn by Shane Stevens in a way that they blend almost perfectly with the background art. As for the backgrounds themselves, they are undoubtedly amazing. A terrible amount of detail has been put into them, and they all glow a majestic feel, with their vibrant colors and shapes. The sound and music are composed by a fellow greek, Nikolas Sideris. The melodies have a bladerunneresque feel to them and fit every scene better than perhaps they were designed to be.

The story, that I'd prefer not to bother with any detail or at all for spoilers sake, and the dialogs have been co-written by the whole team, mostly by Vince Twelve, and are my favorite aspect about this game.

Every line feels natural and well delivered by the voice acting. After playing for about 30 minutes, I realized I haven't skipped a single dialog, which is totally unlike me. The game offers many choices that made me feel, as if I was living the story/character.

You have to be a fool to overlook Resonance. And a complete and total one at that.


  1. Which sprites look inferior, exactly?

  2. I can enter to AGS using the blackberry... But I can't if I use my computer...

    It shows an error message saying that AGS server not found...

    I'm a bit worried becouse I'm going to finish a new game and I can't post it anywhere!
    If someone knows what could be wrong...
    Send me an e-mail to
    By the way, I'm the maker of Escape from the Chaotic City,

    This blog is the only connection I have with AGS main page...Please need some help here.. SSH

  3. When is it released?


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