Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boobs Need Your Help.

This a post from the forums, from a very dear friend of mine, named m0ds (lol). He's working on promoting his own game, and needs 2000$, the pledge so far has been around 1800, so he's missing very little and there are less than 20 hours left. If anyone would bother to read and spare a few dollars it would be lovely.

You can contribute to help us have it ready by early 2013 (if the target is met), and this also acts as a method to pre-order as the game is commercial... be a sexy hero of some kind, help us out!

It started as a joke idea from an early AGS discussion about adult games being made in AGS. It's been on a long journey but finally the production is moving along steadily now, enough to finally warrant a games in production thread, after a good ten years without one.

Kinky Island is an adult adventure in which you control Joey, a naive and sexually frustrated young dude - transported to a glorious tropical paradise where all his frustrations can be answered, providing he's not being distracted by it's uncanny similarities to a point and click adventure, like Flight of the Amazon Queen or something.

You may have played the demo in which case you'll remember it once looked like this:

Well now, thanks to the guys who saw an adventure game demo plea and 'Saved Kinky Island' have upgraded it in all respects to make it look more like this:

There are various thrilling places to explore on the island, including a path, a forest and a tree stump. We have however had to use some pretty mundane places like a pleasure beach, fairground and palace. See for yourself how old locations have been brought to life, and realize just how 2D the ones you've not seen yet will be when it's done:

Old gift shop

New gift shop (WIP)

We are aiming to have it ready by roughly this time next year, that gives us about a year to get it finished. Yes, there is nudity, yes, there is bad langauge - but it's not all gratuitous sex. The game is a parody on point & click adventures and is heavily inspired by games like Amazon Queen and Teen Agent. The humor is silly and quite frankly the plot is ludicrous, but it's a comedy romp that I hope will appeal to both sexes albeit MADE BY A BUNCH OF BLOKES.

Get some awesome stuff in the game

All that's left to say that as progress is made the thread will be updated, and thanks for reading and showing an interest. Much appreciate everyone who played the demo and have kept up the hype for the game. I know it has inspired me and I hope this thread will help motivate the other team members, I'm sure you'll agree they're really making something epic out of a game that could go either way... because it's bi. Bi Screen7, I'll have you know.

Lotte, who is like Trinity from the Matrix, only called Lotte, and not Trinity, cos that would be copyright infringement

LeChuck, who is like LeChuck from Monkey Island, but is actually LeChuck from Kinky Island. Please don't sue

And that about sums it up. An important answer to an important question is, yes this will cost a little bit to buy. I assure you the game will have plenty of treats for point & click fans, providing you can get over the fact there are some pixelated boobs in the game. Thank you for reading, and see you on Kinky Island! No matter how stupid and impossible that phrase may be.


  1. Teh goal is reached, thank you for making a boob of it here James!


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