Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vote in the Awards!

Well, this never would have happened so late when *I* was in charge, but hey, not everyone can be as awesome as me. But leaving the hard truths behind, the AGS Awards voting is now open, so play all the nominees and then place your votes.

Meanwhile some bloke called Dualnames has been enhancing the game-cum-IRC-client-cum-live-awards-ceremony, so be prepared for the best ceremony yet!

Mr Berlusconi asked if we can link to his what-time-do-you-want-the-ceremony thread, so... link.

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    Can you put a link to the awards thread too, so people can voice their opinion on the ceremony date/time, pretty please?

    (I've reached a septuple posting in b umping it, maybe a Sexy Scottish Ha[ndsome|rlot] can do better!)


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