Sunday, April 1, 2012

The state of the AGS Forums

As much as I hate rantings, I find this day to be a bit depressive on the state of the AGS forums. Lately the downtime and constant delays have turned an otherwise working home for the forums, a bit of a mess. I don't mind that much and I understand the reasons behind the slowdown and occasional downtime of said forums, but it has to be said that March of 2012 was an all-time low in forum activity.

Therefore one has to wonder, what lead to such lack of interest. I am highly aware of the professionalism that has increased by a whole lot, during these past years in AGS, and that has bear fruit in games that have been embraced by other communities besides the agsers, still however the forums appear to be a black spot. I know I always bring such matters up, but I'm not being sad or nostalgic this time, I'm just curious.

Also SSH has decided to temporarily let me under control of this blog for at least 1 year (!!!).

"Hey James,

I'm going to spend a year in Singapore for  business reasons, as my company is relocating me there. While I was packing my bag last night, this blog came to mind. As I will be gone for at least one year there, along with my family, I've decided to hand you administrative rights to this very blog. You seem to be maintaining it yourself after all. Just don't fill it with political discussions.


So I think it's time to perhaps do some nice changes. Perhaps altering the layout a bit. I am thinking of perhaps putting some ad-sense stuff on the right, how do you guys feel about this?

Have a wonderful day.


  1. What I don't understand about the whole constant downtime situation is that the AGS bake sale was originally designed to buy new stuff for the site but then that changed.

    And the site seems to need new stuff imminently, because 80% of the time when I go to the forums they are down. I do not go that often, so I assume that most of that is bad luck on my part, but still...

  2. I am posting and reading quite a bit on the forums when they're up. It's been frustrating to have to deal with constant forum outtages and FastCGI errors while trying to find answers about game making. I've used Google's cache of the site quite a bit.

  3. Yea, I try to explain to people exactly why the ags and all pnc communities are dying, but some people think I'm just a raving needy lunatic who wants attention and adventure games don't need multiplayer. I can understand their point you know, I grew up doing it and loved every minute of it, but were in a new generation with new technology, new wants and needs from gamers, there is only 1 way to save pnc games forever, "multiplayer". If i ever get the support I need to finish my game, I'll spend a few month's creating a nice opensource multiplayer template that even the newbiest game developers can use.I just need a reason to feel thankful towards the ags community.
    Idk if anyone remembers, but i made an ags backup forum at

  4. I'm all for the ads if it helps. And I'm sure you'll do a great job running the blog.

    I don't visit the forums very much these days, but even so I have noticed quite a few errors the few times I did. So this is an ongoing thing then?

    If SSH needs anything over here, he knows how to contact me :)

  5. You /are/ a raving needy lunatic GrimReapYou :D


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