Friday, May 21, 2010

OceanSpirit Dennis: OSD or RON?

Well, the AGS forums have had their annual share of trolls and ..yeah..anyway. Lately however icey games stroke back and this time from a joke originated from ddq and Snake, people have gone bananas, and stupid. Making 4 games so far, one concept art screen(look above, courtesy of ProgZmaX) and one fortnightly competition entry! The first game by Ben304 is even ported into an internet browser!! The topic behind it all can be found here, but i wouldn't recommend it.

So here for your sake in order of appearance:

Click on images
by Ben304

2)OCEANSPIRIT DENNIS DX: The Definitive Version
by ddq

by Ben304

by discordance


  1. Yay, my crappy 2004 codes became famous!

    (For the record: I'm Gord10, the author of the RPG codes at the beginning of the infamous topic)

  2. this is really a sad and funny story at the same time.

    because of the alleged "insider joke value".

    because the people who came up writing the mocking games could have easily and more effectively used their programming knowledge to try to help the particular user they harass.

    given that this person might not be a native english speaker and / or of a very young age but yet ambitious enough to upload every bit of progress to the internet, i would have expected "mature" people to be a little more polite and supporting.

    it is just really poor of the one's who are above beginner level programming skill to mock and harass the younger inexperienced, yet highly motivated ones.

    and who knows, maybe this kid could have become a good programmer, once he got the hang of it.
    but being discouraged and offended publicly might have scared him out of the industry once and for all...

    that's my two cents.

  3. in order to "get rid of icey games"
    (as it has been lamented by some users)
    i would suggest SOMEONE to point him to this website:

    apparently he and his "team" walk in cycles,
    so the sprites/tilesets in the above hyperlink should speed up the character creation process a helluva lot.

    other tileset / sprite resources available

    and if one of the experienced AGS scripters could make a template
    (e.g. "RPG battle template") in the plain old japanophile / pokemon battle style
    (reference available here:
    and post it somewhere in the forum (also pointing him towards the topic), i guess that would help him big times.
    it can't be that hard.

    [because as i understand it, the biggest mess on the forum related to icey games can be tracked down to the fact that he tried to implement the obsolete rpg code from Lorean.
    so, the most creative way would be not to help him updating bits of the code, but instead creating a working code for AGS v3.0 and giving it away for everyone else interested]

    you see, this will actually solve some problems instead of continuing the negative vibes on the forum.


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