Saturday, May 15, 2010

Extreme MakeOver Deluxe: Troll Edition

Well, I good at games but i no that good games like FF crystal but with more feal. Some tell story's some tell tales, we tell all. Hear is OCEANSPIRIT DENNIS: SCOURGE OF THE UNDERWORLD.

Ben304 make great game! Though not as good as pub master quest i do along with square enix.


  1. um it reelly nice but batle transitun itnt big enuf.

  2. I love that "harg" is now a label. I would have gone with "numpty", but this works just as well.

    Also, now that Ben has made this epic game open source, I look forward to seeing that Square Enix does with it. (Who knew their affiliates posted in the AGS forums! We must be higher profile than I thought).

  3. Your blog post for this topic contains far too many punctuation marks :)

  4. umm..hi,just to let every one know I'm icey games & I'm with square enix


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