Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harg As a Rock

Not played, but they look interesting
11 (10%)
Not played, but Harg is a numpty
37 (33%)
Played them. They suck.
24 (22%)
Played them, they're OK
14 (12%)
Played them, they are AWESOME
23 (21%)

Okay so pole question: Harg, and his games. An interesting thing, people rather not play them because Harg is being who he is. Which is what Harg has been trying to avoid. Well, the more you try, sometimes the more you stray from your real target.

I doubt he'll agree here.


  1. I'm sorry, but using the word "numpty" foreordained the winner of this vote.

  2. I just love the word numpty. It's just so much fun to say!

    Numpty numpty numpty numpty.

    If behaving like Harg is what it takes to be called a numpty, then I might seriously start consider doing that :P

  3. Who cares how the author is behaving? After all these forum fights I decided to play the games. The games a good. I like them. But I also understand that most of the people will not like them, because the author is not using many commercial/popular things to bring more attention to the game. Names, puzzles, controls, characters and e.c.t. are not very commercial/popular. Some players don't like the commercial/popular things, but most of them prefer the game to more "sugarized". Well this game is not "sugarized" and this not good when you try to make you game more popular. I think this is the reason for all these fights.

    I'm sorry for my english.

    Proud Hungarian

  4. auriond: HAHAHA
    CaptainD: Well, it's SSH choice of words there.

  5. To be honest I would never waste my time on Cosmos Quest games - they ripped the key graphics off many commercial/popular games while not being a sequel/remake to any. This extent of laziness and lack of style I can only tolerate in a training game.

    If Harg ever starts a new series with proper visuals and not connected to Cosmos Quest, I might try it.

  6. Numpty preordained the result how... by being accurate? NB Amy Pond used it the other day...

  7. Igor, in the thrid part of the game there are no ripped elements (graphics, music, animations, characters) from any other games. Even the jazz theme in the bar is composed by the author.


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