Thursday, June 4, 2009

Post of the Week: Mr Danger's Sellout Carnival of Aquatic Siths

Due to me not being able to cover stuff on the AGS forums as frequently as I would wish to, I decided to call my posts as "Post of the Week" and post four biggies per month.

Competions and Activities Sub Forum:

Not really much here, but well, here's some interesting ones:
-Progz's Sprite Jellyfish ending 6th of June:

ProgzMax, or Shane Stevens, or Atomic Playboy, has chosen a really cool theme for this sprite jam, can you:

1. Create an aquatic buddy/enemy/other for the lonely Pac-Fish!

2. Name your aquatic buddy/enemy/other and tell us a bit about it.

3. Use gradient-style dithering to help shade your aquatic lifeform.

4. And the most important rule: Have fun.

-MAGS June: Sellout:

This month's MAGS rules are set by OneDollar that won the April MAGS with Breakdown. The last MAGS was a special one, and the winner will just get some inventory items and not the chance to host the next MAGS as it usually used to happen.(That's why it's called Special). The rules can be found here.

-Games to play:

-Mr Danger's Contest:
Despite the fact that the name of the host feels unispired and rather b-movie, poc301 has picked one hell of an idea to make a MAGS entry. The game's really good looking, and the story is about you, wanting money badly, accepting an invitation for a contest among with some other people. Thing is someone has been killing your competitors. He/She wants the money you want them worse?

-Game to wait for:
-Shai-La of the Sith:
A game initially released about two weeks ago, with ripped graphics, now has been removed by Marion(the author of the game) in order to be given a facelift. The result feels really good, and I'm so awaiting for Marion to finish it..In the Star Wars universe, the life of Darth Vader's young apprentice, Shai-la, who will live the events of the two trilogies and meet characters from the movies and the Extended Universe during her various missions on different planets. She will learn the powers of the Force and become a powerful young Sith ! Oh, and the game's is more of an RPG/adventure thing.

MI - Carvaval Vudu:
A sequel to the Secret of Monkey Island, but apart from the fact, there's not much to tell, it looks astonishing good.

-Last Minute News:
TIG source has an article about the RON, praying Ben mostly. Read it here.

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