Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Curry me Curry me Away!!!

CJ has released the new beta after a long while, but it's worth a download. Just remember to backup.

Changes in 3.2 beta 2:

* Implemented Audio Types editor
* Score Sound and ViewFrame-linked sound updated to work with Audio Clips; script ViewFrame.Sound property replaced with new ViewFrame.LinkedAudio property
* Added AudioChannel.SetRoomLocation function to emulate the facility provided by directional ambient sounds
* Added AudioChannel.LengthMs property
* Implemented the speech volume drop setting for Audio Types
* Improved accuracy of Position property with OGG audio
* Removed room properties Play Music On Load, Music Volume and Save/Load Enabled since they are now obsolete
* Dynamic sprite deletion warning is now only displayed on exit if Debug Mode is turned on
* Changes to improve music glitching when changing rooms in D3D mode
* Fixed editor crash if you tried to delete an audio clip when a preview of it was playing
* Fixed Sierra-style speech box moving if the room was scrolled around while it was displayed
* Fixed Dynamic Sprites causing memory corruption if a mouse cursor was set to sprite 0
* Fixed Make Default Language command crashing if two different source lines mapped to the same translated line
* Fixed crash importing old game if there was no Sound or Music folder
* Fixed intermittent crash when playing WAV/MOD in beta 1
* Fixed keypresses and mouse clicks being ignored after restoring a save game in beta 1

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