Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sprite CopyJam

-18 April till the 25th:
Quite one of the most famous sprite jams, no wait, competitions I've seen throughout the years on the AGS forums. ProgZ has picked a cool theme and has given the chance to almost anyone that owns the simplest of paint programs to enter and probably even win.

1. Match (as closely as possible) the style of your character to that of Mike Higgins, well-meaning prankster hero. This includes the general anatomy (big head, smaller body) and dimensions. Adult characters or fatter characters can be bigger, just as younger/smaller characters can be smaller, so just use Mike as an average.

2. Camp outfits must either:
A. Match the design of Mike's uniform. You can add clothes over/under the uniform as long as it's clear that they are wearing the blues and reds.

B. Be a rival camp uniform (yeah, you can have an enemy camp full of goody-goodies or kids even worse if you want!) This is necessary for visual consistency, and both girls and boys at the camp wear the same colors!

3. Create a character that would logically fit into the 'Camp Copycat' mold: anything from an animal mascot sidekick to a variety of pals for Mike to a group of bullies, even Camp Counselors are allowed!

4. Color scheme should follow the original but it is not required. Different skin tones, for instance, are allowed. There is no set palette aside from approximating the colors of his uniform so you are free to experiment.

5. Name your character and give him/her a short description so we know where he/she fits into the Camp Copycat universe!

6. The style has been kept rather simple and color-lite so many people can approximate it, but if you're having trouble don't give up! I still want to see your contribution, and this competition is about fun -- don't forget that -- so have fun!

Summing all up, make either Friends that appear as Mike or enemies...I've included my favorites..(Sniper? Hilarious..). The image on the left is a courtesy of SpacePirateCaine(:P)

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