Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clarvalon gives an interesting "first 8 minutes" test on a few AGS games, as apparently those 8 minutes are all that Xbox Live Arcade people play games for before giving up on average, unless they are hooked.


  1. Not quite correct - the 8 minutes is the current length of time trials ('demos') last as set by Microsoft for the Xbox Live Community Games Channel (Xbox Live Arcade is still reserved for proffessional outfits).

    Still, if there's a post deserving of 5 stars ... :)

  2. It was an interesting read. The X first minutes is a rule that is still not followed or understood by a lot of adventure game makers out there. The importance of hooking the player as quickly as possible to the story, visual, characters and/or gameplay and to not flood the player under lengthy dialogue heavy introduction couldn't be better demonstrated.


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