Friday, November 21, 2008

November Niceness

Well, here's a quick summary of the November releases so far:

Loftus and the Sky Cap

Despite sounding like the infamous Jude Law/Angelina Jolie movie, this is about a dragon kidnapping Inessa's master, who is some kind of wizard. This Ivan Dixon (The Sydney Finds Employment series) looks great and begins a new series of game from this gr artist.

AMTAG: another medieval themed advent.

Sir Galahad sets out to find the Holy Grail with the aid of some supposedly deliberate bad spelling.

Empty Mind - Blank Fate

Pre-rendered 3D adventure from the author of Quiero Morir poses the typical "wake up in a deserted basement and don't know what's going on" scenario, but there's a bit more to it than the standard fare.

Chronicles of Captain Cringe

From Montague, who wrote Cayanne Pepper and This Game, comes this short exploration of someone who helps people without asking anything in return.

Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 2

Detective Prick Peckard is back and this time he's lunch for the crazed citizens of Arc 19 who want him for their dinner. The usual Barn Runner fun ensues as you try and avoid being a cannibal's entree.

DoVaDuLa'S BuRn

A punk game which features the hero PuNKKoMmANDO trying to rescue the town of DoVaDuLa. You may find it as accessible as punk music, however, as its very graphically confusing.

Starship Poseidon

The Posiedon Adventure gets remade in space! Dualnames presents this non-Hitchiker adventure.


  1. Oops, DoVaDuLa'S BuRn must be *really* confusing... the aim of the gaim is to destroy the town, not to rescue it :)

  2. Very funny SSH..ah, blast you..:P No hard feelings though


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