Friday, November 28, 2008

More to come..

So what did you miss in 12 hours?

-Empty Mind is not Dead Empty Anymore

Well, Nergal, fell insulted by an email, sent by someone that didn't like the game. Well, we probably all get those. At least I am. Anyway, but as fans always prevail, he put the game back. Downloading and checking it out, I have some things to say about it.

Empty Mind-Blank Fate:

First of all, the intro is very short, but not necessarily bad. The words are chosen carefully, thus making the game very interesting from the first minutes. You find yourself in a warehouse, reason unknown to you.
The music is quite good. The background art also seems to be given a lot of effort into. Though I must say, that I definetely think the ones in Quiero Morir were of a better quality(at least I like them more). Comparing it with the first game of Nergal, the character walks a bit weird on this one. As for the puzzles, they seem to be mostly based on logic, except for a few occasions, but well there's always a walkthrough. Since Nergal is having a way of telling a stories, so unique that you can't stop playing, I suggest you give this a try.

-Recent Newbie Activity(I'm not calling anyone a noob):

This is usuallly done by SSH, but I'm posting some info on the guys I've picked up.And a similar article was last time down in June...

Well, he's actually trying to give a different approach to game development(XNA). Remarkably, even for a newbie, he took some time to read the rules.

Well, she's been there for a while. But we've known her for a much longer time. She's Sylvr's sister and if you want to meet her, you should check the competitions or just enter the AGS Stickam Room because those are the places where she lurks most of her time. She's also hosting the current sprite jam Seasons.

He came,he made a game,he posted it. Talked about it on my previous article, see the MAGS site, or the MAGS topic, he double-posted on his second post, but he seems to respect the rules.
Some of which fail to.

-Things to Check Out

Certainly, I'm not a fan of Yahtzee in general, but well, we should admit, that he can really make some excellent games. So cruising the internet, I found two cool videos. One is called ask a demon about himself and features 3d models of Trilby,Chzo, ecc.. and the other is called 5days contains a couple of fan art.

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