Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogstars: The Rivals

My evil nemesis Dullnames has set up a rival AGS blog. Whatever you do, don't visit it and read his summary of the competitions and recent releases that I haven't done for a bit.


  1. So it's war is it? Well, you've been around longer, so you'll have my support. Unless of course, he gives one of my games "Pick of the Month" or something, at which point I'll change allegiances so fast it'll make your head spin. ;-)

  2. Linked blog does not exist?

  3. Read the more recent posts to find out why, Mr Anon!

  4. Well, crap! I had hoped that a war to win my loyalty would result. But thanks to today's merger-crazed world, once again the mom and pop freeware developer is left out in the cold!

    Someone stop the blogosphere! I want to get off!


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