Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dualnames View on what's New

Le Woltaire Strikes Back:
A Second Face-Eye of Geltz:

This was dead for a while, but from the man that has one of the five games that have a 5 blue cup rating, you can't expect less. Quality needs time. This is definetely something that I'm waiting for. The graphics are outstanding for an indie game, the plot is definetely worth(at least I can imagine it as so), and well, this game has style.

Empty Mind just go totally empty..:

Well, as I was about to make a short review on this, checking it out, for some reason, unknown, to me and probably the most of the community, Nergal has deleted the game. I do however hope that this will be back soon. Concerning to Nergal's previous games, I'm sure this one can't fail.

Ace Quest: the world is not big enough..literally:

Ace Quest:

Well, it appears that one of the most favorite AGS games of all times, is about to get resurrected. Or at least we can hope for it. Originally created by MillsJRoss , who still is going to work on it(at least I hope so), the game's audience bothered to dive in and post . Progz even drew the wonderful fan picture; a parody to James Bond. I suggest you go and check out the game and MillsJRoss's website.

MAGS News:

Well, I praised Buckethead's entry. But then I saw Cheerios(yep, like the cereals) entry, who only joined the forums to post his game and enter the MAGS. That's definetely one thing to consider. Anyway, to his entry; I find Man VS Fish very cute and charming, as you play from the view of the man and the fish changing at your own will. Seems like a solid idea, and definitely got me.

Visit the MAGS site and pick your favorite one(2 entries so far).

Local Celebrity Enters Competition:

Well, it appears that Thomas Regin has entered the AGS Music Competition, check his entry here.

He recently achieved an honorary mention award for his song "Take Me Home" in one of the world's largest songwriting contests, Unisong. Surprisingly that's the music he posted at the competition..

Things to Check Out:

Ghost's deviant art page. One of my favourites. There's a Ulysses deviation. WOOW. Ghost seems to be a likeable folk everywhere he goes, regarding the comments he got. Carry on.

So let's have a look at what competitions are running at this point at the AGS forums:

Competitions on the Fly:

Buckethead posted a wonderful entry on this one, and as far as you can read from the topic it seems that it's probably the only legitimate entry.

Musical feud! - 18/11/08 -- 02/12/08 - Threeway:

Well, this is an entry I'm trying to enter, but I probably won't. You can select from three ways(Threeway), either a pop song, a detective theme or a mexican song. So far Funkmast and DKH have posted and they both selected the 2nd theme. And Thomas Regin has also's getting popular.

Sprite Jam-Seasons:

Theme: Pick a season, make a usable sprite personification of the season, and have fun with it! Could be a man, could be a beast, could be...I don't know. You think of something.

Ghost has my favorite entry so far, but Ben surely made me laugh,pslim also posted a very good looking sprite. There seems to be an argument about Sylvr's entry

Photoshop & Friends:

Go and see Progz entry, it feels like he actually drew it, but he didn't.
Abstauber added a totally gross entry. Eww.

Colouring Ball And Blitz have no entries, hope they get some.

Oh almost forgot, abstauber's hosted the animation competition(one entry so far)

Small Foreword:

We've yet to work the final details, but we've agreed that as a slave must do, according to global slave rules, I'm obliged to post frequently, so that the followers and believers of the Ol'Mighty Super Scottish Hero, get their fun.

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