Monday, August 18, 2008

Ups and downs

Well, CJ goes on holidays and the AGS forums promptly crash with some kind of database error. Ho hum. In better news, the 14th August saw my blog getting 91 unique visitors, the most ever in one day. Woo. This is what comes of linking to it in the Ben Jordan release thread. I must piggyback on major releases more often...!

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  1. Hey SSH, yes I noticed the forums are down!! Not very happy at all! I think the forum servers are extremely sneaky! I reckon they did this on purpose after they saw CJ's public message that he would be away until 23rd August! I wonder why this has happened when he has gone away. I think he should consider moving the forums to a better and more reliable forum server, this one always goes down a lot. Anyway on a positive note, I look forward to your next game if you are working on one. I took a look at your walk cycle generator, I will talk to you more a little later about it as I need to ask you for some advice on using it. When my game is done I will get you to link my game site and get you even more hits on your blog :):). Comment back about the AGS forums being down if you can please as to when you think they could be back up again.


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