Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm on my way...

...from misery to happiness today. Uh-ha Uh-ha Uh-ha Uh-ha. Time for another look at the games that are Proclaimed to be coming soon:


No, not a story about a bought of diarrhoea brought on by some dodgy basmati, but rather about two brothers who discover an amulet that lets you travel between dimensions that are joined by light. Silhouettes abound in abstauber's project.

The Vacuum

No, not a cleaning game, ("While we’re emptying the vac-u-um, it’s such fun to hum a happy working song") but rather a sci-fi adventure where two students trying to leave Aberdeen (and who could blame them) find the passenger compartment of the ship they're on torn asunder by a terrible explosion and have to investigate what is going on.

A Pirate's Tale

shayavr's debut game is announced as arriving in October and featrues the usual one expects from a buccaneering barney: "Nathaniel Goofellow (sic), a deckboy onboard an English merchant ship. One night the ship harbours at Nodha island, at the Caribbean sea, for a stop. There Nathaniel learns of a great treasure hidden beneath a mysterious island belonged to a notorious undead pirate. Along with a fellow crewmate and and a beautiful brave archaeologist Nathaniel embark on an adventure to find the mysterious island, get the plunder and become a great pirate. The game takes you through exotic abandoned islands, dark alleys, ancient monuments! Along the way you will meet cutthroat pirates, outsmarting them or fighting them to get to your goal".

Thanatus - Death from the Stars

Multi-OROW winners AJA and MadRezika's game is Armageddon meets King's Quest as you play a guy who has a premonition/vision of a huge rock heading towards the Kingdom so he goes to hire Bruce Willis and his crack team of Mages. This game features live acting for the characters so is quite unusual and looks to be very well done, so I'm looking forward to this.

Once Upon A Crime II: Gumshoe Odd Ventures

Yes, this IS the follow up to Ghost's brilliant fairy-tale detective game sees Red trying to track down the Chess King's abducted daughter against the clock. Was it the Gingerbread Witch, the dwarves or the Jabberwock? Or something altogether more sinister? As bicilotti says of the author: "He is Ghost. He can."

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