Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CJ knows all

I'm reliably informed that via a chain of phone text messages, CJ has been informed of the forums current ill state. However, he reportedly wasn't going to cut short his Mittens holiday just to go and find a cybercafe in France somewhere where he could try and spend possibly days fixing it. Selfish git. THE FORUMS ARE MY LIFE!


  1. Selfish git. THE FORUMS ARE MY LIFE!

    -agreed :-)

  2. Isn't there someone he can 'give the key to when he's away' to help look after the house? or does he not trust all of us? ;) I wonder why? *whistles innocently*

  3. On the other hand, your blog gets more hits when people from the forums are desperately looking some AGS related sites to read ;)

  4. I hadn't realized what an addict I've become. I just want to rub up against another warm adventurer. That's all...


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