Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Most august releases

Time for a round up of what gems and germs have been popping out of the AGS games machine. And yes, I know not all (or even most) of them arrived in August...


Drunkard Chuck needs to find his way back into his parents house without waking them up. Nice looking first game from new chap Neo.

RoN: The Murder of Adrian Elkwood

Murder on the Reality Express as you play the policeman trying to (rail)track down the killer and his weapon in this detective game.

Alles Euro

This Introduction-of-a-new-currency themed game is part of Abstaubers ongoing mission to inflict ancient AGS games on us. This February 2000 game will probably need DosBox to run on new PCs.


The last OROW threw up a few interesting games and this is one that's taken a while to arrive in the games DB. It's an IRC-simulator with some good AI work from TheJBurger.

Crash! Evade! Destroy!

A July MAGS entry from Aka-"Me go"-tosh, this Gameboy-style platformer has a few glitches but may still be worth a brief look.

Cosmos Quest III: Mines of Isagor Demo

With possibly the longest descriptive text of any game demo ever, this demo carries on the Cosmos Quest saga from Bulgarian developer kinanev. The series has always shown promise and has some great graphics although some have said that its puzzles are difficult and illogical.

I've also already mentioned Super Pitstop Racing and Colourwise which are both award-winners!

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