Monday, June 16, 2008


Four of the latest games out in AGS-land have all got quest in the title. So, here's a quick blurb on them:

Quest for Yrolg

The latest game from Crystal Shard (A Tale of Two Kingdoms) turns Quest for Glory backwards as you play an evil demon's minion trying to stop a warrior, rogue and sorcerer from stopping your master's evil plans.

Quest for the Blue Cup

A "my first gaem" effort with RON-ripped sprites. Say no moar.

Space Quest IV.5

Help Roger Wilco journey home just like those Star Trek guys. A lot of ripped graphics in this fangame, but seems to be well-received so far.

Awesome Quest 1: My first AGS
Despite a title that would make most people run a mile, this game actually has some very original graphics done by a friend of the author so is worth a peek.

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